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A Good Word by Fr. Greg Jakubowicz, OFM 11.20.2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Hello Friends,

On this last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, the Church celebrates Christ the King, the Lord of the Universe.

Christ's Kingdom is the power and presence of God's unconditional love reaching out to all creation, but especially those on the margins. It is a Kingdom of absolute, merciful, unconditional Love that is God.

Its foundation is the Power of compassion, of forgiveness, of healing, and of a vision that recognizes all humanity as one family under the Providence of God, the loving Creator of all.

Indeed, Christ is the Sovereign of the Universe. His redeeming Passion, Death, and Resurrection shows that the power of God - the power of Love - is the most powerful force in the universe. Why would we worship anything else?

The question you and I must ask ourselves is whether or not Jesus Christ truly is our sovereign? Do you and I recognize the Love of God, as manifested in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, that which we pay homage to as our Sovereign? Or do we mistakenly worship lesser things that we “bow down” to - maybe it is power, prestige, money, self-serving relationships, or our ego?

Here is the good news - it is never too late to switch our feal loyalty to Christ the King!

And, if you ever have any doubt about that, remember today's Gospel from Luke where Jesus uses his last earthly breath to assure a dying criminal (“the good thief”) a place with God in Paradise. It means that it is never too late to change - for Jesus will love this criminal - and you and me – always, even beyond death.

This is our Sovereign! This is the King you and I worship - the King of unconditional Love!

But how do you and I show our love and fidelity to Christ our King?

By our responding to God's Love with love.

You and I do that when we imitate Christ’s compassion, His humble and generous service to all, and His willingness to forgive those who hurt Him.

May our trying to love like Christ our King make you and me worthy to be citizens of His eternal Kingdom.

May you and I prayerfully pause this week on Thanksgiving to give thanks to God not only for our many blessings, but for the gift of Christ our King, the Loving Lord of the Universe.

As always, if there is anything we can do for you at UB Catholic campus ministry, please let me know. We are here for you.

May God bless you with Peace and All Good.

Fr. Greg

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