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A Good Word by Fr. Greg Jakubowicz, OFM 2.26.2023

Hello Friends,

You and I are once again at the start of another Lenten journey.

Lent traditionally provides you and me the time and structure to examine what it is that you and I really love.

The Lenten journey also gives us the opportunity to figure out what are the temptations in our lives that distract and lure you and me away from hopefully our true hearts’ desire – to love God.

What keeps you and me from nurturing a strong relationship with God?

The first step in this journey is to discover what it is that you seek? What do you truly desire? What controls your heart? What do you love?

If it is not God, why not? And what empty goals do you and I have to let go of in our lives to make sure that our loving relationship with God is our ultimate goal?

Much like Jesus’ time in the desert to confront temptation, as is shared in this First Sunday of Lent’s Gospel, our Lenten journey provides the time to aid you and me to do this soul-searching by encouraging us to pray, so as to listen to God speak to our heart; to fast, in order to make room and time for God in our lives; and to share our gifts with those who are on the margins, because it is in giving that you and I receive.

Of course, the good news is that God is already constantly there for you and me, holding us up and showing us the way to true Love.

Let you and I use this Lenten journey to work toward following Jesus Christ’s lead more closely to the Easter Love of God.

As always, if there is anything we can do for you at UB Catholic campus ministry, please let me know. We are here for you.

May God bless you with Peace and All Good.

Fr. Greg

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