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A Good Word by Fr. Greg Jakubowicz, OFM 2.5.2023

Hello Friends,

What do you see as your role in this world? I’m not talking about a career or profession, but rather how do you see yourself as contributing to our world.

In this Sunday’s Gospel from Matthew, Jesus tells his followers that they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. That is their role – what they are to contribute to our world – to be salt and light.

As followers of Jesus Christ in 2023, you and I are to have as our mission to be salt and light in the world as well.

I don’t think there is any difficult theology here. Jesus Christ is saying that you and I are to bring attention to or shine a light upon the things that need change as well as witness to the goodness of our loving God. That you and I are to be the catalyst or the salt that leads to transformation for the better, especially for those who are marginalized, wherever and whenever we can.

And here is the most awesome thing about this role in the world for us – you and I have been empowered by God to be salt and light.

That is, you and I – who are just ordinary people – have the power and ability by our cooperating with God’s Grace to do extraordinary things.

To be salt and light in the way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ means we must actually DO something to live the Gospel we have heard and that we profess to believe. It is our response to God's Love. That is how you and I can make a positive difference as well as produce unmistakable evidence of the presence of our good and loving God right here among us.

Our being salt and light can be something bold and courageous like speaking out publicly to bring light to a societal injustice. Or it can be something simple and unassuming like being there for a friend in need so as to be the salt that reinvigorates someone’s life.

But to be salt and light starts by you and me having the courage of our faith and our trust in God to choose to act, to engage, and to reach out to make a difference.

May you and I support each other to be the salt and light that Jesus Christ challenges us to be in the life God has given to us.

As always, if there is anything we can do for you at UB Catholic campus ministry, please let me know. We are here for you.

May God bless you with Peace and All Good.

Fr. Greg

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